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Google Unveils New 3D Logo as Part of Android Rebranding

Google revamps Android branding with a 3D avatar and a capitalized 'A.' Learn how this change aims to reflect Android's core ethos and what to expect next.

Google Announces New 3D Android Logo and Branding Update

In a significant move, Google is updating its Android branding, which now includes a capital 'A' and a revamped 3D avatar for the bug droid logo.

The company said the changes stem from Google's Material design system, aligning Android more closely with Google's own branding. The typeface is also getting a makeover, and these updates are expected to reflect in upcoming OS updates.

While not as groundbreaking as the 2019 shift from dessert names to version numbers for major Android updates, the change is still noteworthy. Google stated that the Android device ecosystem has now grown to 3 billion, up from 2.5 billion four years ago.


Jason Fournier, director of Android consumer brand management, expressed the essence of the change: "We believe our brand system and how we show up visually to the world as Android should reflect Android’s core ethos of being open, iterative, and inclusive."

The bug droid's avatar is also moving to a three-dimensional design for smoother "transition between digital and real-life environments."

The refreshed branding and the new 3D logo are set to start appearing on Android devices and other platforms later this year. With the Pixel 8 series event scheduled for October 4, it's highly likely we'll get our first glimpse of the new branding then.

Google's branding changes aim to bring the Android ecosystem closer to its core values of openness, inclusiveness, and iterative development. As we look ahead, these updates could set the stage for more substantial changes in how Android interacts with its community and the broader tech ecosystem.