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Google Updates Play Store to Enhance Tablet Apps Visibility Post Pixel Tablet Launch

Google is updating the Play Store to boost the visibility of tablet apps, following the release of the Google Pixel Tablet. The updates aim to improve the discovery of high-quality apps for tablets.

Google Boosts Tablet Apps Visibility on Play Store

After the recent release of the Google Pixel Tablet, Google has announced that it will be revamping the Google Play Store to better highlight apps that are designed for large-screen devices. These changes aim to assist users in discovering high-quality tablet apps through updated app listing pages, improved ranking and quality, streamlined navigation, and a split-screen search experience.

New features include a video banner at the top of the games store listing pages and a multi-column layout for apps and games details pages, enhancing their appearance on tablet devices. More notably, Google will now prioritize apps that meet its guidelines for large-screen apps in search results, Apps and Games home pages, and curated collections.

Google asserts that these modifications will assist users in finding apps that resize appropriately, support both portrait and landscape orientations, and are not letterboxed.

High-profile sections on the Google Play Store, like the Editor’s Choice and other curated collections and articles, will also factor in these guidelines. Google will apply its technical quality bar to large-screen devices, affecting apps and games that have an 8% user-perceived crash rate or 8% user-perceived ANR (Application Not Responding) rate by reducing their visibility and adding warnings to their pages.

Apps and games that follow Google's content quality guidelines and support larger screens will be given more prominence on Play Store homepages. In terms of navigation, Google has relocated the Top Charts and Categories sections to the Apps and Games Home. Google has also made the Kids experience a primary tab on tablets and Chromebooks, considering these devices are often shared with children.

Lastly, tablet users will benefit from a split-screen search feature, allowing search results and app details to be displayed simultaneously.

Google anticipates rolling out these changes in the coming weeks.