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Google Wallet Levels Up: New Features Including QR-based and Insurance Cards Support

Google Wallet introduces exciting new features including image conversion into passes, support for QR-based and insurance cards, and advanced security for health cards.

Google Wallet Update: QR-based and Insurance Cards Support.

Get ready for an elevated Google Wallet experience. Google announced an array of impressive enhancements today, including image-to-pass conversion, Google Messages integration for boarding passes, and bolstered security for saving health cards.

With the new update, Google Wallet users can easily convert barcodes or QR codes from items like gym passes or loyalty cards directly into digital passes. Got an image of a QR code from an e-commerce return or a digital parking ticket? No problem, Google Wallet has got you covered.

In an exciting collaboration with insurance giant Humana, Google Wallet will now allow customers to digitally store their insurance cards. Residents in the U.K can also securely save their National Insurance Number on the Wallet app via the HMRC app. Stored health cards will carry a "Private Pass" label and require an additional layer of authentication, such as fingerprint or device PIN code, for access.

The Google Wallet upgrade also extends support for government-issued IDs in the U.S., kicking off with the ability to save Maryland IDs or driver’s licenses. To use this feature, users need an Android 8.0 phone with device lock enabled. Stay tuned as more states, including Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia, are expected to receive similar support in the coming months.

Google is also setting the stage to present use cases for saved IDs later in the year, such as verifying online accounts or renting a car through car-sharing services like Turo.

Further strengthening its utility, Google Wallet is teaming up with Vietnam Airlines and Renfe, Spain's national railway company. Now, individuals receiving their booking confirmation through Google Messages can save their boarding pass directly to Google Wallet. And for the foodies, restaurant reservation systems like TagMe will soon send Google Wallet-ready passes for reservations.

But that's not all! Google is developing ways to incorporate corporate passes and badges into Google Wallet for streamlined office access. In Germany, Google Wallet users can now conveniently save their Deutschlandticket for seamless public transport use.

Launched at Google I/O last year, Google Wallet initially offered card storage in over 40 countries. Since then, it's expanded its reach to 20 more markets, continually striving to provide the best digital wallet experience.