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Google Wallet to Introduce Shareable Travel and Event Passes

Google Wallet is preparing to launch a new pass sharing feature, enabling users to share travel and event passes with others.

Shareable Passes Soon to be a Feature on Google Wallet

Google Wallet is preparing to introduce a new feature that will allow users to share some passes with other Google Wallet users. This update comes after many requests for a sharing function since the days of Google Wallet's predecessor, Google Pay.

The new feature was briefly mentioned in the Google Play system update list of features for Android devices for July, stating "adding a way to share your valuables in Google Wallet." While this entry has since been removed from the update list, additional information can be found on the Google Wallet support page.

A new entry at the bottom of the support page now reveals that users can share "some passes" from their Wallet with other Google Wallet users. "We are working on a feature that will allow Wallet users to share select passes," Google spokesperson Leismer Schulten confirmed to The Verge. Event tickets and boarding passes were provided as examples of shareable passes.

The new updates will roll out throughout July. No specific services supporting the feature have been announced yet, but shareable passes will be identifiable by a Google "Share" icon appearing above them. The support page also cautions users that shared links cannot be unsent and the recipient can forward the pass to anyone they wish.

Google has been steadily adding new features to its Wallet app, including support for state ID and driver's licenses in Maryland and the ability to upload passes by taking a photo of them. This latest feature could make organizing travel and entertainment arrangements for groups more convenient. However, Google is somewhat late to this development, as Apple Wallet has supported pass sharing for years.