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Google's Android Auto is collaborating with Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom to enhance in-car connectivity with audio conferencing

Google partners with Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom to bring audio conferencing to Android Auto, transforming the in-car experience and making conferencing safer and more convenient for drivers.

In a move set to revolutionize the in-car experience, Google has announced plans to join forces with tech giants Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom. This innovative partnership aims to bring audio conferencing into vehicles through Android Auto, Google's in-car connectivity system. The new feature is designed to prevent drivers from juggling their phones while participating in video conferences during their commute, making their journeys safer and more efficient.

Android Auto, which enables drivers to wirelessly project navigation, parking, media, and messaging from their Android smartphones onto their vehicle's central display, will soon offer conferencing capabilities via Cisco's WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom apps. This integration illustrates Google's commitment to expanding its reach within the automotive market and highlights the potential for seamless communication while on the move.

As the world embraces remote work and virtual meetings, the demand for in-car conferencing has skyrocketed. By the end of the year, Google expects over 200 million vehicles to be connected to Android Auto, signifying the massive user base that could soon be utilizing Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom for on-the-go communication.

The concept of enabling conferencing in moving vehicles is still relatively new, but its popularity is rapidly growing. Tesla has previously announced plans to enable Zoom access in its vehicles, while Mercedes-Benz partnered with Cisco earlier this year to incorporate video calls into its 2024 E Class sedans.

By integrating audio conferencing with Android Auto, Google and its partners are paving the way for safer, more convenient in-car communication, ensuring drivers stay connected without compromising their safety.