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Google's Duet AI Evolves into a Meeting Assistant, Document Summarizer, and Chat Companion

Transform your workspace into a productivity powerhouse with Google's Duet AI. This versatile AI is your all-in-one assistant for meetings, document summaries, personalized emails, and more!

Google's Duet AI

Get ready for a groundbreaking update: Google's Duet AI is out of the lab and entering Google Workspace! Announced at the sensational Google Cloud Next event, this game-changing AI assistant has capabilities that are nothing short of spectacular.

Starting with a no-cost trial for those eager to test the waters, Duet AI is promising to redefine how you engage with your Google Workspace. This AI-powered maestro can act as a meeting assistant, chatbot, document summarizer, and even personalize your Gmail replies!

Just picture this: You're a financial analyst buried in spreadsheets. How does a summary of Q3 performance sound, without lifting a finger? Duet AI sifts through Google Sheets, P&L docs, and more to deliver you a crisp presentation. The era of late-night report slogging is over!

Google Meet just got a facelift! Duet AI’s "Studio Look" feature enhances your appearance and audio for a polished virtual presence. The AI even takes notes and sends recaps for you. Late to the meeting? Catch up with the 'Summary So Far' feature. It's like having your own personal secretary.

If you've ever wanted to query your Gmail and Drive content or get a quick summary of a chat, your dreams just came true. Google Chat is also getting smarter and more user-friendly, thanks to Duet AI.

Forget bland, generic replies. Gmail's Smart Reply now packs a personalized punch, thanks to Duet AI. Tap, and out flows an email that sounds like you.

Concerned about privacy? Google assures that your interactions with Duet AI will remain within your organization's walls. No data is used to train their models without your explicit consent.

Google Workspace already has more than 10 million paying customers and a staggering 3 billion users. Imagine the immense reach and impact Duet AI can have!

Don't get left behind. Turn on Duet AI and watch your productivity soar to new heights!