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Google's Duet AI Unveils Feature to Draft Emails on Your Behalf

Google’s Duet AI is here to give Gmail a serious upgrade. From drafting emails to tailoring tone, see how this AI companion can streamline your inbox.

Revolutionize Your Gmail Experience with Duet AI

Do you find yourself staring at a blank Gmail screen, clueless about how to kickstart that crucial email? Say goodbye to writer's block! Google's latest game-changer, Duet AI, is rolling out, and it’s turning Gmail into your personal wordsmith.

Debuted at Google Cloud Next '23, this AI companion is more than just a sidekick. For Workspace users, it’s your new best friend across meetings, Google Chat, and documents. But that's not all! Duet AI is about to give Gmail's smart reply feature a mind-blowing upgrade!

Available on both web and mobile, Duet AI introduces a phenomenal "Help me write" button. Tapping this magic wand offers a suite of writing assistance options. Picture this: Duet AI actually drafts an email for you, mirroring your own words and tone by scanning through previous threads in a conversation. Mind = Blown!

Google Duet AI

Worried about sounding too casual for a professional email? Duet AI allows you to adjust the tone, make your text more formal, or add intricate details to your drafted email. If you're a fan of keeping it short and sweet, it's got you covered there too.

In a nostalgic nod to its iconic "I'm feeling Lucky" search button, Duet AI brings this feature to your emails. You can experiment with fun variations in tone and style. Perfect for those casual Friday emails!

This genius "Help me write" feature isn’t just confined to Gmail. Google Docs is next in line for this incredible upgrade. From summarizing long passages to bullet-pointing key points, Duet AI is set to be your ultimate editorial assistant.

Want your content customized just so? No worries! You can dictate your own preferences to Duet AI for a fully personalized touch.

So, are you ready to make email drudgery a thing of the past? Dive into the amazing world of Duet AI and turn your Gmail into a powerhouse of productivity!