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Google's 'Smart Chips' Enables Viewing Third-Party App Data within Google Docs

Google's 'smart chips' now allow users to integrate and view third-party app data within Google Docs. The update, available for Google Workspace and personal accounts, enhances collaboration with real-time project status insights.

In an exciting development, Google has expanded the functionality of its 'smart chips' to incorporate third-party app data within Google Docs. This update, effective for both Google Workspace users and personal Google account holders, was unveiled yesterday as part of Google's ongoing 'smart canvas' overhaul of its office suite.

To utilize third-party 'smart chips', users or admins must first install the corresponding app add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Post-installation, a share link from the third-party app can be copied and pasted directly into a Google Doc. Upon hitting the tab key, the 'smart chip' pops up in the document, allowing a quick preview of the app’s info and the current work status. This ensures that collaborators working within a Google Doc can conveniently track the progress of a project without needing to exit the document.

The implementation of 'smart chips' is dependent on the developer. For instance, Figma, as per its Workspace Marketplace page, "allows users to pull interactive previews of Figma and FigJam files into Google Docs, enabling teammates to easily reference the latest designs and project work in context." Meanwhile, the Atlassian Cloud add-on allows for relevant Jira issues to be attached for tracking inside a working Doc.

During testing, the integration with Figma was established within a few minutes. Once the link was pasted, a hover over the Figma link triggered a pop-up preview of the project, including the creator's details and the last update time. This new feature brings a significant boost to Google Docs' functionality, further streamlining the workflow and enhancing the collaboration process.