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Grey London Unveils Family-Centric, Cost-Saving Campaign for Vodafone Ireland

Grey London crafts a heartwarming campaign for Vodafone Ireland's RED Family plan. Discover how you can save on both mobile and broadband accounts through relatable family moments.

Grey London’s Family-Centric Campaign for Vodafone Ireland’s RED Plan

Heads up, families of Ireland! Vodafone and Grey London are joining forces to bring you an incredible, money-saving deal that's about to make your life a whole lot easier—and more entertaining!

Introducing Vodafone's RED Family plan, the package that consolidates your 3-6 mobile and now, broadband accounts into one wallet-friendly plan. Launching this September, the campaign will span across various platforms including TV, VOD, radio, and even good ol' print, running for a captivating seven weeks.

But that's not all! Directed by the brilliant Max Sherman, the campaign features hilarious TV spots that every parent can relate to—from a dad jamming at his daughter’s boy band concert to a family's collective cringe during a home violin recital. The message? "We go through a lot to connect with our family." True that!

"Grey London has breathed life into this campaign with charm and humour," says Niall Reynolds, Senior Marketing Manager for Vodafone Ireland. Meanwhile, Executive Creative Director David Wigglesworth nods to the power of family bonding, saying, "In the end, it’s these experiences that bring us closer together. And now, thanks to Vodafone RED Family, you'll also get rewarded for it."

The best part? The RED Family plan is not just about saving money; it’s part of Vodafone’s larger customer-focused initiative. By extending the plan to include broadband, Vodafone is bringing savings and connectivity to families of all shapes and sizes.

Get ready, Ireland. This isn't just a campaign; it's a celebration of family, life, and the little moments that make it all worthwhile!