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Habit Burger Grill Appoints Barrett Hofherr as Its Agency of Record

The Habit Burger Grill collaborates with Barrett Hofherr for a marketing facelift, aiming to boost the brand's presence with fresh and bold campaigns.

Habit Burger Grill Partners with Award-Winning Agency, Barrett Hofherr for a Brand Makeover

California's cherished The Habit Burger Grill is turning a new leaf! The famed burger chain, beloved for its delectable Charburgers grilled over open flames and an array of palate-pleasing offerings, has roped in Barrett Hofherr as its new Agency of Record.

The collaboration speaks volumes about Habit Burger Grill's aspiration to rejuvenate its marketing game. "Barrett Hofherr's audacious and innovative approach aligns perfectly with our vision," remarked Jack Hinchliffe, CMO of Habit Burger Grill.

Self-touted as “the biggest small agency in the world”, Barrett Hofherr and its impressive portfolio stands testimony to its grandiose claim. The partnership promises to churn out unforgettable marketing sagas to accentuate America’s top-tier burger. Jamie Barrett, the brain behind Barrett Hofherr’s creativity, is all praises for the Habit Burger Grill team and eagerly anticipates this exciting collaboration.

Both brands are gearing up to dish out marketing marvels that promise to not just sell burgers, but also narratives that resonate. They aim to stir cultural conversations, enchanting audiences far and wide.

With its roots deeply embedded in the Californian culinary landscape, Habit Burger Grill has consistently delighted patrons with its fiery Charburgers, succulent chicken, and gourmet-grade ahi tuna. Their commitment to quality and authenticity has earned them accolades, such as a notable mention in Thrillist's list of exceptional burger chains. The partnership with Barrett Hofherr stands as a testament to Habit Burger Grill's pursuit of excellence and innovation.