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Havas Media Network Appoints Its First-Ever Chief Growth Officer

Nick Wright rises to become Havas Media Network's inaugural Chief Growth Officer. Get the scoop on how this move is set to revolutionize the media giant's growth trajectory.

Nick Wright: Havas Media's New Chief Growth Officer

Havas Media Network is making a seismic shift in its corporate structure, and the buzz is electric. Nick Wright, the dynamo behind Havas Entertainment, has been promoted to the newly-minted position of Chief Growth Officer. And trust us, "Growth" isn't just a part of his title; it's his mantra!

After spearheading Havas Entertainment and leading it to a revenue spike of 60%, Wright is all set to inject his trademark blend of creativity, strategy, and commercial know-how into Havas Media Network's DNA. With a growth record as stellar as his, the company is poised for an unprecedented expansion.

What makes this move a perfect cocktail for success? Nick Wright himself puts it eloquently, "Havas Media Network is a cauldron of talent, entrepreneurial spirit, and diverse capabilities. And let's not forget, our unique positioning with Vivendi at the nexus of entertainment, media, and advertising!" It’s like Wright’s got the Midas touch, turning everything into growth gold.

Wright will be seated at Havas Media Network’s UK board, and will be the new right hand to Patrick Affleck, the UK and Ireland CEO. Affleck couldn't contain his excitement, gushing, "Nick’s unique blend of entrepreneurial flair and innovative vision has been pivotal in Havas Entertainment's skyrocketing success. His insights will now supercharge our collective growth agenda."

But wait, there's more! Even as he steps into these big shoes, Wright will continue to steer Havas Entertainment through a short transitional period. Talk about wearing multiple hats with style!

So, what can we expect from this power move? A transformative growth strategy that's all-encompassing. From exploring untapped markets to deepening existing client relationships and fostering 'meaningful moments in culture,' Havas Media Network is set for an evolutionary leap.

In a landscape where 'growth' is often confined to spreadsheets, Wright's multi-dimensional vision is the fresh breeze the industry has been yearning for. And let's be real: If anyone can catapult Havas Media Network into a new era of exponential growth, it's Nick Wright. Watch this space; exciting times are ahead!