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Heur Partners with Historic Menswear Brand Private White V.C.

Business growth agency, Heur, collaborates with Manchester's premium menswear label, Private White V.C., further expanding its premium fashion clientele.

Heur and Private White V.C. Join Forces in Menswear

In an exciting collaboration between business growth and fashion, Heur, a renowned business growth agency, announces its partnership with Manchester's historic premium menswear brand, Private White V.C.

Founded by Chris Raven and Chris Nawrocki, Heur is strategically located in York and London. The agency is known for assisting businesses and founders, both nationally and internationally, in scaling their Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands. Heur’s suite of services includes fractional leadership, comprehensive growth strategies, managed audits, and growth mapping.

Private White V.C. stands as a testament to high-quality menswear craftsmanship since 1853. This independent label has garnered respect over the decades, with hailing it as “one of the most respected menswear brands in the world.”

This partnership further cements Heur's position in the premium fashion space, with the agency already servicing well-known menswear label Drake’s and trendy streetwear brand NICCE.

On this collaboration, Heur’s CMO, Chris Nawrocki, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to align with Private White V.C., recognizing their rich history and deep expertise in the sector. Given our team's acumen in premium menswear, we foresee a fruitful partnership ahead."

This partnership promises to blend Heur's innovative growth strategies with Private White V.C.'s long-standing tradition, setting the stage for transformative results in the world of premium menswear.