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How to Convert Your Photos into Stickers Using iOS 17

Discover how to turn your photos into iMessage stickers with iOS 17! Elevate your chats and impress your friends today!

Custom iMessage stickers on iOS 17

Ready to add some oomph to your iMessage chats and become the Apple tech-wiz among your friends? Brace yourselves, because iOS 17 is unlocking an exhilarating feature that's a game-changer for sticker enthusiasts! Picture this: you've snapped the ultimate grumpy cat photo, and now you can turn that moody masterpiece into an iMessage sticker. Your pals are going to be begging to know your secret, and whether you spill the beans or keep it as your secret sauce is totally up to you!

Let me break it down step-by-step. You'll need to be on iOS 17 for this, and I tested it on an iPhone 13 Mini like a boss.

Kick-off: Open the Photos app and hunt down that perfect photo you want to immortalize as a sticker.

Spotlight Moment: Long-press your chosen subject in the pic. You'll see a radiant border magically appear around it. Tap on 'Add sticker'.

Meet Your Squad: A drawer with your existing stickers will slide in, and your newest photo cutout will be added to the gang.

Jazz It Up: Now’s the time to add effects, or keep it real and do it later.

To use your epic creations, head to Apple's iOS keyboard. Smack that smiley icon, scroll all the way left in the 'Frequently Used' panel, and voila! Your stickers are right there, ready to rock n' roll.

But wait, there’s more!

👉 Pro Tip 1: Add effects like 'Outline' for that traditional sticker look, or go wild with 'Puffy' or 'Shiny' to literally make your sticker glow.

👉 Pro Tip 2: Got a Live Photo? You can bring those subjects to life by turning them into animated stickers. Just make sure to toggle on the 'Live' option when you're at the 'Add Effect' stage.

Remember, these stickers are at their prime in iMessage. You can drop them in a chat, stick them to a message, and even use them for comic tapback reactions!

Time to seize this exciting feature and take your iMessage game to infinity and beyond!