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Huawei Cloud Drives Web3 Innovations at Web3 Summit

Dive into the future with Huawei Cloud's Web3 innovations, including the groundbreaking Web3 Node Engine Service, robust Confidential Computing, and a game-changing ZK Rollup hardware breakthrough.

Huawei Cloud Unleashes Web3 Revolution: NES, Confidential Computing, and ZK Rollup Breakthroughs!

Huawei Cloud is making waves in the Web3 arena, unveiling a suite of cutting-edge products and services at the SUSTAINABLE WEB3 SG 2023 Summit. This move reinforces Huawei's commitment to propelling Web3 development to new heights.

At the forefront is Huawei Cloud's Web3 Node Engine Service (NES), a game-changer simplifying blockchain network management. NES doesn't just stop there; it empowers flexible node management, boasting multi-dimensional monitoring capabilities for O&M data, API calls, and key performance indicators. Talk about next-level blockchain sophistication!

Ensuring top-notch security for transactions is the QingTian Enclave Confidential Computing, a robust safeguard for every interaction. But that's not all – Huawei Cloud introduces a groundbreaking ZK Rollup hardware innovation. Brace yourself for a significant reduction in ZK rollup transaction confirmation time, from hours to mere minutes. This breakthrough promises not only improved blockchain performance but opens doors to a myriad of applications across diverse industries.

Rex Lei, Managing Director of Huawei Cloud Singapore, emphasizes the company's dedication to technological research and development. Huawei Cloud envisions a diverse Web3 future shaped by its unparalleled expertise and industry resources. According to Lei, "At Huawei, technology research and development take precedence over everything else. We believe that our continued efforts in technology innovations will make a real impact on the mass adoption of Web3."

Cui Lei, General Manager of Huawei Cloud Web3 Business, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing Huawei Cloud's commitment to the "Everything as a Service" strategy. The aim? To provide distributed computing services globally, ensuring a seamless Web3 experience for users worldwide.

Dr. Li Huaxi introduces the Web3 Node Engine Service, a revolutionary blockchain node engine platform with flexible pricing. The goal? To slash development costs by over 50%, making Web3 innovation more accessible than ever. Song Cheng Heng, Principal Consultant at Huawei Cloud Solutions Sales, dives into the cloud data realm, showcasing Huawei Cloud's efforts in building an InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The result? Flexible solutions for infrastructure and cost-effective data storage that redefine the Web3 landscape.

In the fast-evolving realm of Web3, Huawei Cloud stands tall, driving innovation and reshaping the digital future.