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HYPELAB: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Advertising Through Blockchain

Web3 meets the ad-world! Discover how HypeLab is innovating the advertising landscape with groundbreaking blockchain solutions.

HypeLab’s Revolution in Web3 Advertising

What if we told you there's a dynamic startup redefining the web3 advertising space? Say hello to HypeLab, having just bagged a whopping $4 million in funding from the titans like Shima Capital and Makers Fund.

At the helm is Ed Weng, our ex-Google maestro. Drawing from his rich tapestry of digital advertising experience, he’s steering the ship towards businesses ready to ride the blockchain wave. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter ads! HypeLab's novel twist? Using Web3 wallet addresses that capture a user's entire transaction journey. This means ads that speak directly to you, every single time.

No creative team? No worries! HypeLab's got your back with unparalleled design services. Their platform is your one-stop-shop, whether it's for still ads or those catchy motion ones. It's web3 advertising made fuss-free and fabulous!

One of HypeLab’s golden feathers is its data-driven approach. Picture this: HypeLab's magic lies in its ability to tap into unique data on user behaviors and ad performances. Thanks to this, they're way ahead in the game, fine-tuning machine learning models to deliver those ads that make you click!

And here’s the clincher: This isn’t just about ads. It's about fueling the web3 tech movement with fresh capital, and HypeLab has already aided over fifty companies in attracting those precious web3 users.

With its finger firmly on the pulse of cutting-edge blockchain tech, HypeLab is setting the stage for a decentralized web advertising renaissance. The future's here, and it’s excitingly Hype!