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Immutable and Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab Join Forces to Pave the Way for a Seamless Web3 Gaming Experience

Immutable and Ubisoft unite to redefine gaming through web3 experiences. Leveraging Ubisoft's gaming mastery and Immutable's web3 prowess, a groundbreaking gaming frontier awaits players.

Immutable Joins Forces with Ubisoft to Pioneer Web3 Gaming Experience

In a landmark collaboration, Immutable, the global web3 gaming platform, and Ubisoft, the renowned video game creator, join forces to shape the future of decentralized gaming experiences. This strategic partnership signifies a fusion of Immutable's expertise in web3 technologies and Ubisoft's legacy in creating top-tier games.

The collaboration's initial phase involves a synergy of both companies' strengths, where Ubisoft, drawing on its extensive experience in crafting high-quality games, will explore the vast ecosystem and technology provided by Immutable's leading web3 gaming platform.

Nicolas Pouard, Vice-President of Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab, highlighted the excitement around seamlessly integrating decentralized technologies into games. The collaboration aims to bring fluidity to the gaming experience, allowing players to focus solely on the joy of immersion.

This partnership marks another significant milestone for Immutable, following the successful TestNet launch of Immutable zkEVM, their zk roll-up gaming solution. James Ferguson, CEO and Co-Founder of Immutable, expressed confidence in the collaboration, stating, "We are confident that we will bring to life a fresh new experience that players will love."

Immutable, on a mission to bring digital ownership to every player, continues to lead the way in web3 gaming. With Ubisoft's commitment to exploration through its Strategic Innovation Lab, this partnership is set to unlock a new era in gaming, creating immersive experiences that seamlessly integrate web3 technologies. Players can anticipate a groundbreaking gaming frontier that combines cutting-edge technology with top-notch gameplay.