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Infura Joins Forces with Microsoft, Tencent, and 16 Other Partners to Construct Decentralized Infrastructure Network

Infura, joined by tech giants like Microsoft and Tencent, introduces the Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN), a pioneering RPC-as-a-service propelling Web3 into a new era of accessibility and reliability.

Infura Unveils Web3 Revolution: Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN) with Global Tech Giants!

In a groundbreaking move for the Web3 ecosystem, Infura, the eminent web3 API provider from ConsenSys, has joined forces with industry titans like Microsoft, Tencent Cloud, Grove, and Covalent, among others. Together, they unveil the Infura Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN), a revolutionary decentralized RPC-as-a-service offering that aims to elevate the accessibility, reliability, and efficiency of Web3.

Unveiled at the Decentralized RPC Summit during DevConnect in Istanbul, DIN spearheaded by Infura, is set to transform how developers connect to Ethereum and other top-tier blockchains. This collaborative effort is a pivotal milestone in Infura's ongoing mission to nurture decentralized internet infrastructure.

Leading the charge, Infura welcomes cornerstone members, including Microsoft, Tencent, 0xFury, Bloq, Chainstack, Covalent, and many more. This formidable alliance is geared towards constructing the initial federated version of DIN, laying the foundation for a progressively decentralized network.

E.G. Galano, co-founder of Infura and the project lead for DIN, expresses gratitude to the partners, stating, “Since we announced DIN, the response from the community has exceeded our expectations. Together, we have achieved remarkable progress and eagerly anticipate the continuation of this journey as we bring the power of DIN to Web3 developers and users.”

The launch of DIN with its inaugural 19 partners marks a crucial step in the progressive decentralization of one of the most popular web3 API services. While Infura serves as the backbone for prominent web3 products like MetaMask and Ethereum Name Service, DIN expands its horizons to support diverse blockchain APIs in anticipation of the multi-chain world.

DIN introduces failover protection on Polygon and Ethereum as its initial features, allowing seamless traffic shifting among partners to ensure service continuity during outages. This decentralized approach not only enhances network reliability and performance but also paves the way for broader access to blockchains.

Michael O'Rourke, Founder of Pocket Network and CEO at Grove, a DIN partner, highlights the significance of laying the foundation for an open internet, stating, “In a fast-changing, tumultuous world, laying the foundation for an open internet is as important as ever.”

DIN is a testament to collaboration over competition, aligning with the Ethereum and web3 ethos. The network aims to collaborate with existing RPC providers, creating new infrastructure that complements current RPC solutions.

As DIN takes its first steps, progressively welcoming more members, it envisions a collaborative roadmap for the future—a future where permissionless innovation becomes the norm for developers. Austin Roberts, Founder and CEO of Rivet, sums it up, stating, “By contributing to DIN, we're not just helping to stand up an open protocol, we're architecting a revolution for developers where permissionless innovation becomes the norm.” Get ready for the Web3 revolution!