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InnovateHer Collaborates with Matchstick Creative for Empowering Tech Initiatives

InnovateHer, dedicated to promoting tech equality for women and girls, teams up with Matchstick Creative, a Liverpool-based creative agency.

InnovateHer Joins Forces with Matchstick Creative to Amplify Tech Equality Vision

In a significant move towards fostering gender equality in the tech industry, InnovateHer, a pioneering social enterprise, has roped in Liverpool's Matchstick Creative as its creative agency. This collaboration comes on the heels of InnovateHer securing additional funding to bolster its educational endeavors and social reform campaigns.

The CEO of InnovateHer, Chelsea Slater, articulated their keenness to collaborate with a partner resonating with their "value-driven approach to business." Chelsea remarked, "Having witnessed Matchstick's exceptional execution of the LCR Combined Authority’s Pathway to 2040 report, we were confident in their capabilities. With a shared vision of championing the cause of women and girls, we eagerly anticipate seeing the tangible outcomes of our combined efforts."

Matchstick Creative's role will encompass formulating a robust social media blueprint, steering channel management, and curating InnovateHer’s social impact documentation.

Ruth Hartnoll, helming Matchstick Creative as its CEO, expressed her enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, "Aligning with InnovateHer has been a long-standing aspiration of ours. We have always revered their endeavors to recalibrate the gender narrative in tech. We are exhilarated to join hands and accentuate their achievements and future aspirations."