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Instacart's new AI search tool uses ChatGPT to provide personalized product recommendations

Instacart introduces "Ask Instacart," a cutting-edge AI search tool leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT, aimed at enhancing customer experience with personalized shopping recommendations.

Ready to simplify your grocery shopping experience with an AI touch? Instacart is rolling out a state-of-the-art AI search tool, "Ask Instacart," leveraging OpenAI's ChatGPT technology. This innovative tool, designed to enhance your shopping experience by offering personalized recommendations, is set to be accessible to all U.S. and Canadian customers in the coming weeks.

Here's how it works: "Ask Instacart" is seamlessly integrated into the search bar in the Instacart app, providing you with curated product suggestions and other useful information about food preparation, product attributes, and dietary considerations. It prompts personalized questions, draws upon your shopping history to remind you of your necessities, and nudges you towards exploring new products.

Instacart Unveils AI Search Tool Powered by ChatGPT

The brilliance of "Ask Instacart" lies in its user-friendly approach. You can ask it questions like, "What side dishes pair well with lamb chops?" or "Which fish is similar to salmon?" From providing grilling sauce recommendations to suggesting dairy-free snacks for kids, "Ask Instacart" has you covered.

According to JJ Zhuang, Chief Architect at Instacart, even a simple question like 'What's for dinner?' can be complex to answer due to the many variables involved. And that's where Ask Instacart swoops in, providing insights and delivering ingredients for your perfect meal swiftly.

Previously, Instacart's search bar merely served as a tool to locate products, stores, and recipes. Now, with "Ask Instacart," the app evolves into a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your food preparation needs. So, instead of googling snack recommendations or BBQ essentials and then hopping onto Instacart to purchase them, you can carry out the entire process within Instacart.

Instacart introduced the ChatGPT plugin a few months back, enabling users to communicate their food needs in natural language before shopping. Acknowledging that generative AI technology is still nascent, Instacart emphasizes that "Ask Instacart" is meticulously crafted to respond to pertinent food-related queries only, underlining their commitment to responsibly incorporating AI features into their products.

As AI continues to dominate the internet, big players like Microsoft and Google are infusing AI-powered features into their products and services. It's not surprising then that Instacart is keen to capitalize on this AI boom, with "Ask Instacart" being their latest stride in this direction.