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Instagram Mimics TikTok With New "Following" Feed in Reels

Instagram rolls out a "Following" feed feature in its Reels tab, aligning it more closely with TikTok's user interface. The update aims to improve content curation but may not suit all user preferences.

Instagram Reels

As part of its ongoing efforts to compete with TikTok, Instagram has introduced a "Following" feed in the Reels tab. This feature enables users to exclusively view Reels from accounts they follow, departing from the previous single feed that combined followed accounts with recommended clips.

To access this new feed, tap the "Reels" title in the upper-left corner of your Instagram screen. A dropdown menu will appear, from which you can select "Following." You can switch back to the main Reels feed at any time by tapping the back arrow in the same corner.

The update draws parallels with TikTok's dual-stream setup, featuring a "For You" and a "Following" feed. However, Instagram's user base might not find this addition as beneficial as TikTok users do. Instagram users often follow a diverse range of accounts for photos and Stories, not necessarily for Reels. By contrast, TikTok accounts are usually followed for video content, making a "Following" feed more relevant.

The new option might not suit everyone’s needs. While it provides a way to curate your Reels feed, the actual appeal might vary based on how you use Instagram. If you follow accounts mainly for their photo and story content, the "Following" feed in Reels might not be as engaging as the general Reels feed.

While the new "Following" feed may not be a game-changer for Instagram, it's a step toward matching the functionality that TikTok offers. For users who do enjoy curating their content, the option adds an extra layer of personalization to the Instagram experience.