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Instagram Broadens Song Lyrics Feature in Reels to Challenge TikTok's Dominance

Instagram rolls out song lyrics in Reels to more areas, bolstering its musical capabilities to compete with TikTok.

Tiktok vs Insta

Here's a note for Instagram fans: The platform is jazzing things up, extending its song lyrics feature in Reels to a wider audience. This new twist allows users to accentuate their Reels with on-screen lyrics, decked out in different fonts.

Why is this a big deal? It not only amplifies the visual experience but also aids users in pinpointing the exact segment of a track they wish to highlight. As you scroll through your chosen song, the lyrics glide smoothly across the screen, ensuring you hit the right note, every time.

This addition isn't entirely novel for Instagram. Remember the lyrics option in Stories from 2019? Consider this an upgraded version. Moreover, it reflects Instagram's intensified focus on music, evident in their recent features like adding songs to images, carousels, music recommendations for Reels, and the innovative "Dancify."

But let's read between the lines. Instagram's aggressive music-centric features are a direct nod to TikTok, which has revolutionized music promotion in the digital space. With songs going viral on TikTok catapulting artists to fame, the platform has become indispensable for budding musicians.

Instagram is vying for a slice of this pie. While some argue that Instagram's parent company, Meta, lost its trendy charm, the brand counters by rapidly integrating trending features. This ensures they stay in the game, even if it means mimicking competitors.

The expansion of lyrics in Reels might seem like a small step, but it’s a significant leap in Instagram's journey to intertwine with current user behaviors.