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Instagram Code Hints at 'Meta Verified' Filter, Company Refutes Testing Claims

Recent code findings suggest Instagram is exploring a "Meta Verified" feed filter, resembling features from Twitter's platform.

Instagram Emulating Twitter with a New 'Meta Verified' Feed Filter

Instagram might be in the early stages of introducing a feature reminiscent of Twitter's offerings, as code insights reveal a possible "Meta Verified" feed filter. This intriguing discovery was made by reverse engineer, Alessandro Paluzzi, who noticed the feature in recent versions of both iOS and Android Instagram apps. Such a filter would prioritize "Meta Verified" subscribers in user feeds.

However, Instagram's official stance is somewhat ambiguous. While they deny actively testing this feature, they remain tight-lipped about its internal development or past considerations. The timeline of the feature's appearance in app versions suggests it's a fresh development, leading some to speculate that Instagram’s statement is more of a diversion than a denial.

If Instagram does decide to go ahead with a dedicated filter for Verified creators, it could mean significant benefits for those content creators. A verified status on the platform comes with various advantages, from direct customer support access and exclusive stickers to the highly sought-after blue checkmark, which is also present in Instagram’s Threads app.

Having a "Meta Verified" feed could amplify creator visibility, diverting user attention from standard friend feeds to curated content from their favorite creators. The inspiration behind this potential feature seems to align with Twitter's monetization of its prominent creators through "Twitter Blue" (now "X Premium"). This Twitter feature enriches subscriber experiences by boosting their posts, offering an exclusive verified tab, and adding other perks like limited ads and extended post lengths.

Only time will tell if this speculated feature will see the light of day on Instagram. For now, users and creators alike wait with bated breath to see the platform's next move.