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Instagram Enhances Reminder Ads with New Story Placements

Instagram's recent update sees the expansion of its Reminder Ads feature to Stories, offering advertisers a potent tool to boost user engagement around events and launches.

Instagram's Reminder Ads Now on Stories

In a bid to provide advertisers with more tools to engage with its vast user base, Instagram has rolled out an update for its Reminder Ads. These ads, introduced earlier in March, are designed to allow users to sign up for notifications about upcoming events, product launches, and more.

Previously limited to in-feed placements, these Reminder Ads have now found their way to the platform's Stories. This enhancement broadens the ad placement options available to marketers, potentially amplifying the reach and impact of their campaigns.

Moreover, the update also streamlines the creation process. Advertisers can now design Reminder Ads directly through the Ads Manager. This eliminates the need to first post organically and subsequently boost it with a paid promotion, simplifying the entire ad creation journey.

One of the standout features of the Reminder Ads is the strategic push notifications sent to the users. Those who opt in will receive a total of three reminders: one a day before the event, a second 15 minutes prior, and a final notification as the event commences. This strategic timing is likely to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.

For brands and marketers aiming to harness the power of Instagram's vast audience, Reminder Ads, especially with their extended placement in Stories, can be a potent tool. By driving awareness and fostering anticipation, these ads can significantly enhance engagement around key events and launches.

For a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage this feature for maximum impact, advertisers can delve deeper into the specifics of Reminder Ads through Instagram's official resources.