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Instagram Expands Collaborators Feature to Allow up to Three Partners per Post or Reel

Instagram is extending its Collaborative Posts feature to include up to three collaborators on a feed post or Reel. This change aims to facilitate wider sharing and engagement on the platform.


Instagram is expanding its Collaborative Posts feature, now allowing users to include up to three collaborators on any feed post or Reel. The feature, which was launched in 2021, was initially restricted to a single collaborative account. This change aims to facilitate wider sharing and engagement within the Instagram community.

With the new update, all contributors can access organic insights such as view counts and like counts. This enhancement provides more opportunities for users to engage with each other in-stream and exposes other accounts to their followers, potentially expanding their reach within the app.

It's important to note that this feature can't be used for paid partnerships. These partnerships should still follow the Paid Partnership Label process, particularly in light of evolving laws around influencer marketing disclosure. However, for regular users, this feature could provide new ways to boost and tag friends on the platform.

Instagram's move aligns with its focus on adding more collaborative tools, such as Collaborative Collections in DMs. These features aim to increase the platform's stickiness by encouraging more interactions and strengthening community networks within the app. While these tags cannot be used for paid promotions, they could serve as a way for users to showcase art or projects undertaken by friends, potentially including their professional work. The disclosure regulations surrounding this type of cross-promotion are yet to be fully clarified.