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Instagram Gives Users More Control Over Recommended Posts, Launches Transparency Tool for Creators

Instagram's latest test features aim to boost user control over content, introducing a cutting-edge transparency tool for creators.

Revolutionizing User Control: Instagram's Latest Test Features.

Buckle up! Instagram is on a roll, testing brand new features that are sure to excite. Envision more control over what you see, paired with an innovative transparency tool for creators. When you stumble upon a recommended post, a newly introduced 'Interested' button is waiting for your tap, affirming your appetite for similar content. Let's dive into the ocean of Instagram's novel personalization controls, including the "Not Interested" button, the snooze for recommendations and much more.

And creators, Instagram has got something in store for you too! The company is tinkering with ground-breaking transparency notifications. These are designed to enlighten creators about potential reach limitations of their content (like Reels), that might be curtailed due to a watermark. Here's the big question - which watermarks are we talking about? Well, Instagram's hinting at the flood of TikTok content rehashed as Reels on their platform.

In an enlightening blog post by Instagram's head honcho, Adam Mosseri, he spills the beans about the platform's algorithms, ranking process, and the infamous concept of shadowbanning. Mosseri assures, "We're all about promoting growth and creativity on Instagram. We have no agenda of suppressing content to boost ad sales." The ultimate aim, according to him, is to enhance user engagement and provide a rich, thriving ecosystem for creators.

Echoing user concerns about shadowbanning, Mosseri admits Instagram needs to elevate its transparency game. To achieve this, they plan to enhance the Account Status tools. Remember when they updated Account Status last December? That was to help creators and businesses comprehend the eligibility of their content for recommendation to non-followers.

Diving deeper into the blog post, Mosseri reveals how Instagram ranks content across different app sections. Your Feed, Stories, the Explore page, and Reels - each one has unique factors driving its ranking. These can include your interactions, the popularity of a post, and even your relationship with the person posting!

And here's something to tickle your Instagram nostalgia - last year's ranking system alteration prioritized original content distribution over reposts. Looks like this change hit the bullseye! The recent Meta revelation suggests that Instagram usage has skyrocketed by over 24% since the Reels launch. Thanks to AI-powered recommendations, Instagram's future looks more vibrant than ever!