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Instagram Introduces Feature Allowing Users to Convert Photo Elements into Stickers

Instagram is experimenting with a photo cut-out feature, allowing users to craft stickers from entities within their images for use in Stories and Reels.

Instagram's Innovative Sticker Feature: Crafting Stories from Photo Objects

Keeping pace with evolving social media trends, Instagram has embarked on testing a new sticker tool. This innovative feature allows users to select and isolate specific objects or entities within their photos, turning them into stickers for Stories and Reels.

At a first glance, it echoes Apple's photo cut-out option introduced in iOS 16, which provides a similar functionality—enabling users to highlight the subject of an image and use it as a distinct sticker-like graphic in various apps.

While Instagram's tool might not be hailed as a pioneering endeavor, especially with Meta's reputation for integrating existing functionalities, it offers a tailored experience for Instagram enthusiasts. This addition enhances user engagement by offering a seamless way to repurpose images, adding a flair of creativity to their Stories and Reels.

Adding another layer of intrigue, Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri, revealed that this feature isn't limited to personal photos. Users can also craft stickers from "eligible images" found on Instagram, although the specifics surrounding the opt-out mechanism for such use remain unclear. As user feedback shapes the platform's evolution, the option for an opt-out feature might emerge based on the feature's reception.

For now, Instagram's sticker cut-out tool is in its trial phase, available to a select group of users. With its potential to reshape content creation on the platform, it awaits to see how this feature will resonate with the broader Instagram community.