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Instagram Opens Public Reels for Download by All Users

Discover Instagram's latest global feature—Reels downloading! Learn how to save and share your favorite Reels worldwide, with insights into this game-changing update!

Instagram Unleashes Reels Download: Global Access to Captivating Creations!

Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri, revealed a game-changing update: the worldwide rollout of Reels downloading! This transformative feature allows users worldwide to save their favorite Reels directly to their devices, enhancing how captivating content is experienced.

Mosseri, on his Instagram broadcast channel, unveiled that downloaded Reels will sport an Instagram watermark, akin to TikTok's signature, showcasing the account name. To save a Reel, users simply tap the share button and opt for the download choice.

Additionally, accounts now have control over Reels downloading, offering the ability to disable this feature. Users can toggle off the download option via Settings > Privacy > Reels and Remix, selecting "Allow people to download your Reels."

An essential note: if a Reel contains a licensed audio clip, the downloaded video will be silent. Only Reels with original audio tracks will preserve their sound in the downloaded clip.

The U.S. experienced Reels download privileges starting in June, and Instagram is now extending this capability globally, revolutionizing how users engage with and share their favorite content.

Instagram's initiatives regarding watermarked content also made headlines. In 2021, it ceased promoting clips bearing TikTok or other watermarks. Similarly, in August 2022, YouTube introduced logo-based watermarks on downloaded Shorts, deterring cross-platform sharing.

Explore Instagram's latest endeavor—empowering users globally with the ability to save and share Reels—a step towards a more immersive and interactive content experience!