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Instagram Preps for Threads API, Opens New Opportunities for Developers

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, hints at a Threads API, opening the doors for developers to craft unique experiences around Threads, though concerns about content balance arise.

Threads API in Development

In a new revelation, Adam Mosseri, the chief of Instagram, confirmed the ongoing development of a Threads API. This move could usher in a fresh wave of opportunities for developers, allowing them to engineer innovative apps and experiences tailored for Threads.

The confirmation came as Mosseri responded to a conversation initiated by journalist Casey Newton, where the idea of a TweetDeck-inspired experience for Threads was discussed. However, Mosseri's remarks indicate a certain unease about the potential influx of publisher content, which might overshadow individual creators.

Mosseri noted, “We’re working on it. My concern is that it’ll mean a lot more publisher content and not much more creator content, but it still seems like something we need to get done.”

Historically, publishers have leveraged third-party integrations to streamline content postings across major platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Threads' current lack of API support compels publishers to resort to manual postings, an impractical approach given the volume of daily news releases.

Although there are apprehensions surrounding the content balance, an API integration is essential. It not only facilitates creators in posting diverse content formats but also empowers developers to craft features tailored for the platform.

While platforms such as Twitter (now renamed X) and Reddit have tightened the noose on third-party developers, Threads' API could invigorate a thriving app ecosystem. Some developers have ventured into crafting clients for smaller networks like Bluesky and Mastodon. Threads, boasting a significantly larger user base, could become the next focal point.

Recent data highlights that Threads is approaching the 100 million monthly active users mark. While the introduction of an API and third-party app ecosystem might not directly inflate this figure, it undoubtedly offers users alternative methods to navigate and utilize the network.

In addition, there have been discussions about integrating Threads with the Fediverse by both Meta and Mosseri. A well-structured API would be instrumental in realizing this integration, further emphasizing the importance and potential of the upcoming Threads API.