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Instagram Prioritizes Private Sharing with New Close Friends Feature for Feed Posts

Instagram introduces an "Audience Selector" to enable feed posts for Close Friends only. This new feature aligns with the platform's move toward facilitating more private group interactions.


As social media usage evolves, Instagram is keeping pace by unveiling a new feature that allows users to share feed posts exclusively with their "Close Friends."

This feature builds on the "Close Friends" option that was initially rolled out for Stories back in 2018. Since then, Instagram has included Notes and Reels into the Close Friends content mix. However, until now, feed posts have remained a public or all-friends affair.

The new feature presents users with an "Audience Selector" during the post composition phase, offering the option to share the feed post only with their Close Friends. This makes it more convenient for users to limit the audience of a specific post without having to switch their entire profile to private.

It's important to note that this setting will not affect the audience selection when you cross-post the content to Facebook, maintaining separate privacy controls for each platform.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has noted a trend of users increasingly sharing content via Direct Messages (DMs) rather than public posts or Stories. This new feature dovetails with Instagram's ongoing efforts to adapt to this changing landscape, which includes collaborative posts, post collections in chats, Notes, and more.

Although not a revolutionary change, the option to share feed posts with Close Friends could encourage users to share more freely, knowing that only a select group will see their posts. It's an addition that aligns Instagram with the broader social sharing trend towards more intimate and private group interactions.

By providing users with more nuanced privacy controls, Instagram aims to foster a more personalized and engaging social media experience.