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Instagram Rolls Out Comment Sharing to Stories and Experiments with Astrology Stickers

Instagram unveils two features aimed to boost user engagement: the option to share comments to your Story and star-sign-related stickers. Here’s why marketers should pay attention.


Two new features are rolling out on Instagram that marketers and everyday users should pay attention to: sharing comments to Instagram Stories and experimental star-sign-related stickers.

Instagram has taken a page out of TikTok and YouTube's book by allowing users to share comments from public posts or Reels to their IG Stories. By swiping left on a comment, users can now share it as a sticker within their Story. This feature, aimed at promoting interaction and discussions, could also be a boon for brands and influencers. Highlighting positive mentions or interesting questions in Stories can serve as social proof and encourage more user-generated content.

Adding a whimsical touch, Instagram is testing a new star-sign sticker to be added to Stories or Reels. When used, this sticker invites others to check their astrological compatibility with you. Although it may seem minor, given the rising interest in astrology, particularly among younger audiences, this could be a creative way to drive more user engagement.

Implications for Marketers

  1. Positive Feedback: Use the comment-sharing feature to highlight positive feedback or user reviews, enhancing your brand image.
  2. User Engagement: Leverage the astrology stickers to initiate discussions around shared star signs, potentially creating more relatable and engaging content.
  3. Cross-Promotion: The comment-sharing feature can also be used to cross-promote your products mentioned in the comments of other posts, amplifying their visibility.

The new features signify Instagram's ongoing efforts to enhance user engagement and align with current social media trends. While the long-term impact of these features is yet to be seen, they offer exciting new ways to engage followers and breathe fresh life into your Instagram strategy.