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Instagram Rolls Out Improved DM Control Options to Help Users Avoid Unwanted Contact

Taking a step towards user privacy, Instagram unveils improved DM control options. Now dodge unwanted contact with ease!

Instagram's Enhanced DM Control: Safety First

Get ready for a safer Instagram experience with the newly expanded DM control options. If you've been looking for a way to dodge unwanted contact, especially unsolicited images and videos, Instagram's got you covered.

First trialled back in June, the new rules now restrict DMs from people you're not connected with to simple text-only invites. Plus, you'll need to give the green light before the sender can contact you further. This means that each user can only shoot one invite to another user.

This latest feature aims to combat those pesky bots and spammers who typically bombard users with sometimes offensive images and videos in DM requests to grab attention. In particular, Instagram is targeting a common pain point for female users who often find themselves on the receiving end of unsolicited nudes.

As Instagram puts it, "We want people to feel confident and in control when they open their inbox. That’s why we’re testing new features that mean people can’t receive images, videos or multiple messages from someone they don’t follow, until they’ve accepted the request to chat. We’re grateful for the feedback we hear from our community, and we’ll keep listening to find ways to help everyone feel safer on Instagram.”

Originally announced back in June, the update is a part of an array of security and safety enhancements across Facebook and Instagram, designed to enrich the overall messaging experience. With an increasing number of interactions shifting to DMs, especially among younger users, Meta is focusing on enhancing safety controls. This initiative is to ensure youngsters can navigate the app without unwanted attention or solicitation.

With these new control options now widely available, Instagram users can look forward to a significant reduction in unwanted contact and a more enjoyable and safer IG experience. So, ready to take control and dodge those IG creeps? Instagram's got your back!