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Instagram Rolls Out Reels Gifts to More Regions, Boosting Creator Monetization

Instagram is extending its Reels Gifts feature to creators in more regions, offering a new monetization avenue. The feature allows users to send virtual gifts to eligible creators in exchange for Meta’s in-app currency, Stars.

Instagram Rolls Out Reels Gifts to More Regions

Instagram has broadened its Reels Gifts feature to include creators from additional regions. Initially launched for U.S.-based creators, the feature provides another avenue for Reels creators to monetize their content.

The feature works through Meta’s in-app currency, Stars. Viewers can purchase Stars to send virtual gifts to creators. Each gift is priced up to $5.99, and the creator earns $0.01 USD per Star received.

To be eligible for the Reels Gifts feature, creators must have over 5,000 followers, a professional account, be above 18, and comply with Instagram’s monetization terms. Payouts are processed when the creator's balance reaches $25, inclusive of other Instagram monetization programs.

While the earnings from Reels Gifts might not be significant for individual creators, for those with a large following, this could become a decent source of additional income. The move could also incentivize top users to post more content on the platform.

With the rising trend of in-stream gifts in live-streams, Instagram’s expansion of the Reels Gifts feature might be the first step towards making in-app monetization more compelling for creators.