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Instagram Spotted in the Development of a Customizable 'AI Friend'

Instagram might soon introduce a customizable "AI friend." Dive into the world of tailored chat experiences, but not without its ethical challenges.

Instagram's New "AI Friend"

Imagine having a pal you could chat with any time, tailored to your preferences and always ready to converse. Welcome to Instagram's futuristic arena! New screenshots suggest the social media giant is in the midst of creating a customizable "AI friend."

This isn't just any chatbot. Instagram is taking personalization to the next level. Fancy a creative, enthusiastic AI buddy who's all about DIY and music? Or maybe a pragmatic, reserved friend who loves discussing nature and education? You got it! Users can select gender, age, ethnicity, personality, and even interests. And as the cherry on top, you can choose an avatar and a name for your digital companion.

However, this innovation isn't without its challenges. Julia Stoyanovich, the director of NYU’s Centre for Responsible AI, voices a significant concern. She stresses the potential dangers when users believe they're engaging with humans, not machines. This could lead to over-attachment, or worse, manipulation.

Recent controversies surrounding AI chatbots have raised eyebrows. With incidents from AI chatbots allegedly encouraging unlawful activities to inappropriate interactions with minors on platforms like Snapchat, the ethical concerns are apparent.

But, with Instagram’s parent company, Meta, delving deep into AI, it's clear that chatbots might become mainstream. Notably, Meta recently launched 28 AI personas, including ones replicating celebs like Snoop Dogg and Naomi Osaka.

While the world awaits Instagram's official comment, one thing's for sure: The age of personalized AI chat experiences is upon us. But as we venture into this brave new digital realm, ensuring safety, transparency, and ethical responsibility will be paramount.