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Instagram Tests Multi-Advertiser Display for Reels Ads

Instagram experiments with a new multi-advertiser display format for Reels ads. The feature groups related brands into a single screen display between Reels.

Instagram Explores Multi-Advertiser Display for Enhanced User Experience in Reels

Instagram is making waves by piloting a new ad format in its Reels segment. Digital ads expert, Barry Hott, shed light on the new format, which groups related brands into one unified display, interspersed between Reels posts.

This concept is not entirely fresh off the boat. Instagram first floated the idea of Multi-Advertiser Ads for its primary feed last October. The feature manifested as a side-scrolling ensemble of interrelated ads that cater to user engagement metrics. Upon user interaction with an ad, multi-advertiser promotions are showcased beneath the original post, effectively curating a selection of ads tailored to the user's proclivities.

Instagram elucidated the intent behind the feature, explaining, “Multi-advertiser ads aim to bolster user discovery and enable product comparisons across various businesses. Available for select placements across Facebook and Instagram, this ad format provides advertisers a potent tool to captivate users who've recently engaged with akin products or businesses.”

The versatility of multi-advertiser ads extends to both the Facebook feed and Facebook Stories. Thus, it's not far-fetched to see Meta's ambitions to integrate it into Reels. However, advertisers should note this feature's optional nature, giving them discretion over the activation of this ad format in their campaigns.

Potential perks of this integration could encompass cost-effective, high-frequency placements among an audience that's actively engaging with related content. Conversely, a potential downside might be diminished exposure due to the heightened brand competition within a single frame.

The efficacy of this approach will vary across brands. However, brands considering the multi-ad placement should anticipate this appearance within the Reels feed.

Details regarding the broader rollout of this test are awaited from Meta, and further updates will be provided upon receiving more insights.