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Instagram Threads Updates: iOS 17 Support and Quality-of-Life Improvements

Instagram Threads rolls out its first update after achieving 100 million users, offering iOS 17 support and several minor enhancements.

Threads App Gets iOS 17 Support in Latest Instagram Update

Instagram's Threads app for iOS, which gathered over 100 million users within five days of its public launch, has rolled out its first update. Instagram software engineer Cameron Roth shared the news on Threads, listing the features and changes the new build incorporates.

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One of the most critical updates is the compatibility with the recently released iOS 17 public beta, solving previous crash issues. Other updates are minor quality-of-life improvements. However, they don't include major features like a chronological feed, an edit button, multiple account support, or post search capabilities, which Instagram head Adam Mosseri previously promised were under development.

The app update introduces features such as a double-tap to initiate a search, expandable pictures on profiles, support for extra-tall photos, and a polished “facepill pill.” Threads also improved scroll dismiss handling on profiles and fixed issues with random images on the threadline. Roth noted smaller bug fixes and stated that the app's binary size has been reduced.

Roth responded to user questions, stating that alt text, an accessibility feature for visually impaired users, would be coming soon, along with an indicator showing whether a user follows someone in their followers section. The engineer reiterated plans for a following feed and ongoing improvements in accessibility and the main algorithm.

Despite user requests for a desktop version of Threads, Roth clarified that it requires significant development and is not as simple as "turning it on."

Threads was launched amid a turbulent period for Twitter, with Meta aiming to benefit from the user exodus following Elon Musk's implementation of tweet viewability limits. This upheaval saw alternatives like decentralized Twitter rival Mastodon gain traction.

Threads plans to integrate with the decentralized social networking protocol ActivityPub in the future, enabling users to migrate their profiles to other ActivityPub-connected servers and interact with Mastodon users.