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Instagram Unveils Auto-Tagging for Product Images in Brand Story Posts

Instagram is stepping up its in-app commerce game! Now brands can automatically tag products from their catalog within their Story posts.

Instagram Tests Auto-Tagging Feature for Product Images in Brand Story Posts.

Get ready for Instagram to add a twist to your shopping experience! The social media giant is testing a new in-stream commerce feature that automatically detects and tags products from a brand's linked catalog within their Stories.

Brands now have the flexibility to include, edit, or remove product tags from their Stories during the upload process. This nifty feature could be a handy tool for brands to maximize the usage of Instagram's in-app product capabilities. Moreover, it serves as a gentle nudge for social media managers to create meaningful connections and highlight relevant products in each frame.

While Instagram is still finding the perfect recipe for in-app shopping, this new development could be a significant step in the right direction. Despite scaling back its live-stream shopping feature and depreciating the separate 'Shop' tab for most users, Instagram continues to innovate.

In April, it made product tags in feed posts available to all US users, aiming to enhance product visibility. As a part of that announcement, Instagram hinted at developing new ways to add product tags in Stories too. And this experiment seems to be the fulfillment of that promise.

The auto-tagging system is designed to tag products from a connected account's catalog only, meaning it's not attempting to identify products in every Story, from all users. Nevertheless, it could be a helpful prompt and might lead to an increase in product tags added to Stories within the app. Let the tagging revolution begin!