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Intel Aims to Incorporate AI in Every Product, Begins with Meteor Lake

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger confirms ambitious plans to integrate AI into every product the company develops, starting with the upcoming chip, Meteor Lake.

Intel Plans Comprehensive AI Integration into Its Products

Intel is primed to transform the tech landscape, with CEO Pat Gelsinger announcing during the company's Q2 2023 earnings call that Intel aims to incorporate AI into every product it develops. This audacious vision will kick off with the launch of Meteor Lake, Intel's pioneering consumer chip embedded with a neural processor for machine learning tasks.

Despite previously suggesting that AI coprocessors might only feature in its high-end Ultra chips, Gelsinger now anticipates AI to permeate all of Intel's offerings. He refutes the notion that AI and cloud must coexist, emphasizing that AI implementation can—and should—happen at the client level.

Envisioning an AI-saturated future, Gelsinger predicts an array of applications including real-time language translation, automation inferencing, content generation, and productivity tools. These AI enablements, he suggests, will be locally based rather than reliant on cloud technology due to latency, bandwidth, and cost structure considerations.

"AI will be in every hearing aid in the future, including mine," the CEO asserted. Regardless of the platform—be it a client device, an edge platform for retail and manufacturing, or an enterprise data center—AI is to become an integral component.

Intel's bold move to AI-integration comes as competitors like Nvidia have found success with chips that power the AI cloud. But Gelsinger's vision extends beyond competition. By building AI into every product, Intel aims to change the technology landscape at its core.