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Intel Overhauls Processor Branding: Goodbye 'i', Hello 'Ultra'

Intel redefines its processor branding, replacing the iconic 'i' series with the 'Core' nomenclature, and introducing 'Ultra' for higher-end chips.

In a significant branding overhaul, Intel is simplifying its processor branding structure. The iconic 'i3/i5/i7/i9' branding, which has been with the company for over 15 years, is being replaced with a streamlined 'Core 3/5/7/9' concept, beginning with the new Meteor Lake generation of processors. This significant change is part of Intel's initiative to make its processor names easier to understand for customers.

Intel's premium range of processors will now feature 'Ultra' in their branding. In practical terms, this would appear as “Intel Core Ultra 9." The company assures those who require more detailed information that the generational data will still be included at the end of the processor name—for example, "Intel Core 9 processor 1300AB." Furthermore, Intel confirmed that both standard Core and Core Ultra processors are compatible with its Intel Arc graphics.

Some constants remain in Intel's revamped processor branding. Higher numbers still represent faster processors, while the Core Ultra models will deliver additional speed and power. At the time of this report, Intel has yet to announce a release date or specific details for its forthcoming Meteor Lake processors. However, industry whispers indicate a launch sometime this year.