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Intrinsic in Leeds Welcomes New Digital Director

Leeds’ Intrinsic welcomes John McManus, former stalwart of iProspect and Journey Further, as the new Digital Director, heralding a new era in their client-first approach.

John McManus: New Digital Director at Intrinsic Leeds

In a pivotal move, Leeds-based Intrinsic, renowned for its performance marketing, has roped in John McManus as its Digital Director. Boasting a stellar track record, McManus held prominent roles at iProspect and Journey Further.

McManus's vision harmonizes seamlessly with Intrinsic's ethos, as echoed in his words. He expressed, “Engaging with Mark and Dom, I discerned our shared zeal for an agency model underpinned by genuine values. Our dream is to metamorphose from mere suppliers to true partners – integral to our clients’ business fabric.”

Intrinsic prides itself as a client-centric agency, delivering top-notch performance marketing solutions encompassing Paid Search/Social, SEO, and intricate data analytics.

Mark Hodgson, Intrinsic’s co-founder, voiced his elation saying, “John resonates deeply with the essence of 'Intrinsic.' His unparalleled technical acumen and forward-thinking will be instrumental in amplifying our services. His addition to the team heralds promising times ahead.”