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Introducing Apple Music Classical: Now Available for iPad Users

Apple debuts its revered classical music app, Apple Music Classical, on iPad via the App Store. Enjoy an enriched musical journey, exploring a library honed by Primephonic's acquisition, featuring high-fidelity audio.

Apple Music Classical: Now on iPad, Elevating Your Classical Experience

The wait is over! Apple has unveiled its acclaimed classical music app, Apple Music Classical, now gracing the screens of iPad users via the App Store. This expansion allows aficionados to access the enriching musical world seamlessly integrated into the iPad experience.

Initially debuting on the iPhone in March, this long-anticipated app stems from Apple's acquisition of Primephonic, a classical music streaming service. Now, subscribers can delve into an extensive library curated by composer, work, conductor, and more, reveling in recordings boasting up to 192 kHz / 24-bit lossless audio.

Tailored for the larger canvas of the iPad, Apple Music Classical arrives with optimizations designed to elevate your browsing experience. A comprehensive navigational sidebar grants quick access to albums, songs, playlists, and search functionalities, offering effortless exploration of your musical sanctuary.

While Apple rolled out the classical music app on Android in May, Mac users may need to exercise a tad more patience, awaiting news of a dedicated app release. The journey continues as enthusiasts embark on an immersive classical odyssey on their beloved iPads, embracing the harmonious union of technology and timeless melodies.