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Liberty Marketing introduced Balance: The UK's Premier Digital Agency for Finance Brands

Liberty Marketing launches Balance, the UK's first digital agency exclusively catering to finance brands, offering growth and compliance solutions.

Liberty Marketing has revealed Balance, a groundbreaking marketing consultancy and agency committed to helping financial brands expand their online presence. As the first of its kind in the UK, Balance aims to assist businesses in achieving online growth targets and better serving potential clients.

Joining the Liberty Marketing Group, Balance boasts a joint resource pool of over 40 expert marketers, offering services such as SEO, paid media, content creation, social media management, digital PR, and digital strategy.

Heading the agency is Alex Murphy, a financial services marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience working with brands like Admiral, The Royal Mint, and GoCompare. Murphy acknowledges the challenges of marketing in the financial sector, citing under-resourced and under-budgeted marketing teams, strict regulations, and the pressure to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

Murphy partners with co-founder Gareth Morgan, who also serves as CEO of the Liberty Marketing Group, having collaborated with numerous finance clients, including Admiral, Target, Aviva, and MotoNovo. Morgan highlights the difficulties in-house marketers face when dealing with agencies that lack understanding or are overly cautious about regulatory compliance in the financial sector.

The launch of Balance coincides with the FCA Consumer Duty's release later this year, emphasizing financial services brands' communication with customers. The new firm has conducted research on 50 well-known finance brands, discovering that many fail to meet best practice guidelines for online communication set by both the FCA and Google.

Murphy affirms that Balance will aid businesses in resolving these issues, ensuring future content and campaigns satisfy regulators, search engines, and customers simultaneously.