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iOS 17.2 Update Brings Spatial Video Capture to the iPhone 15 Pro

Explore the future of videography with iOS 17.2! Record spatial videos on iPhone 15 Pro, set to dazzle in 3D on the Vision Pro headset. Dive into the details and step into a new dimension!

Step into the Future with Apple's iOS 17: Spatial Videos Await in Vision Pro Headset!

Get ready to revolutionize your videography game as Apple introduces a groundbreaking feature in iOS 17.2 beta 2. iPhone 15 Pro users now have the power to capture spatial videos that will soon come to life in the immersive Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

Simply toggle the "Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro" option in your Settings app to unlock this futuristic capability. Dive into a new era of storytelling as your videos take on a mesmerizing 3D effect, courtesy of the iPhone 15 Pro's top two cameras when held sideways.

Though iOS 17.2 is set for a full release later in 2023, adventurous users can get a sneak peek into the future by installing the beta now. Keep in mind that spatial videos are captured in 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, with each minute of footage requiring approximately 130MB of storage.

Anticipate the thrill of experiencing your personal library of spatial videos in full 3D glory on the Vision Pro headset, slated for an early 2024 release. While you're currently shooting in 2D for standard screens, the promise of a new dimension in visual storytelling is just around the corner. Get ready to step into the future of videography with Apple's iOS 17!