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iOS 17 at Launch: Three Anticipated Features You Won’t See Initially

Apple's iOS 17 is set to release in September, but not all previewed features will be available at launch. Find out which features are delayed until later this year.

iOS 17

Apple’s iOS 17 is on the horizon with a September release date, but not all the features previewed at WWDC will be available immediately. According to Apple, at least three notable functionalities are delayed until later this year.

The Journal App: Your Personal Memory Curator

One of the most talked-about features, the Journal app, aims to provide iPhone users a new way to "appreciate life and preserve memories." Using machine learning algorithms, the app will make suggestions for journaling based on your photos, music, workouts, and more. However, the Journal app is still under development and won't be in the initial iOS 17 release.

Updated AirDrop: A Revolution in Content Sharing

AirDrop is set to receive a significant upgrade, with features like NameDrop for number swapping and proximity-based content sharing. One of the most interesting updates is the ability to complete AirDrop transfers over the internet, providing greater flexibility to move away from the receiving device. However, this functionality will also not be available in the first version of iOS 17.

Apple Music: The Collaborative Playlists Feature

With iOS 17, Apple Music was expected to get support for collaborative playlists, letting you and your friends add songs, reorder them, and react with emojis. While the feature will indeed be part of iOS 17, it won't be there at launch.

In Summary

While these features won't make the initial release of iOS 17, they are expected to roll out later this year. It’s crucial to note that Apple’s plans are not set in stone; the tech giant still has a couple of months to adjust its rollout based on beta feedback.

So, are you running the iOS 17 beta? What are your favorite features, and how do you feel about these delays? Share your thoughts in the comments below.