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iPhone 15 Rumored to Feature Advanced Stacked Battery Technology

Apple's iPhone 15 may include stacked battery technology for improved energy density and longer lifespan, according to a recent leak.

iPhone 15: Rumored Stacked Battery Technology for Enhanced Life.

A recent leak suggests that Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 could feature advanced stacked battery technology, promising enhanced energy density and prolonged lifespan. The rumor emerged as part of alleged leaks about Samsung's Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra models, which are also rumored to utilize this battery technology.

Stacked battery technology relies on a manufacturing process known as lamination. This method folds the elements and separators into zig-zag layers, as opposed to rolling them up, allowing more active material to be packed into the cell and resulting in greater overall capacity. Furthermore, this technique enables a more uniform heat distribution across the cell, thereby extending the battery's lifespan.

Electric vehicles, medical devices, aerospace and aviation, and renewable energy storage already heavily use this battery technology due to its superior energy density and high power output.

The rumor also suggests Apple's exploration of 40W wired charging and 20W MagSafe charging. However, the source is uncertain if this pertains to the iPhone 15 or iPhone 16 lineup. The current iPhone 14 Pro Max supports a peak wired charging speed of up to 29W, while MagSafe charges at 15W.