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Kantar Boosts Digital Analytics Team with Sam Curtis at the Helm

Kantar welcomes back Sam Curtis, digital analytics ace, to navigate the future of brand engagement. Dive in to see how this strategic move reshapes the landscape.

Sam Curtis Joins Kantar: Future of Digital Analytics

In a world swimming in data, understanding and interpreting it is more crucial than ever. Kantar, a powerhouse in marketing data and analytics, has taken a strategic leap by bringing onboard Sam Curtis as their spearhead for digital analytics. The aim? To unravel the mysteries of massive, unfiltered search and social data, providing brands with golden insights on consumer interactions.

Who's Sam, you ask? This isn't his first rodeo. After a transformative six-year journey exploring the intricacies of the digital data realm, working with nimble startups and scaling software giants, Sam is making a grand return to Kantar. It's a reunion of expertise and vision, with Curtis previously investing 11 brilliant years between 2006 and 2017 at Kantar, delving deep into both global and local consumer insights.

Amy Cashman, the energetic executive managing director of Kantar insights division for the UK & Ireland, beams with anticipation. "It's not just about crunching numbers. Sam brings a finesse in blending technology with understanding human emotions. Together, we're set to navigate brands through the ever-evolving consumer maze, ensuring they always strike the right chord."

From being the brains behind innovative tech products at Moment10 and Streetbees to scaling heights as the CEO of the AI-powered video analytics firm, Lifestream, Sam's journey has been nothing short of exhilarating. His focus now? Offering brands a panoramic view of consumer trends, amalgamating Kantar's analytical prowess with its holistic approach to marketing.

With this pivotal hiring, following the recent addition of Simon Bailey as senior partner, Kantar is unmistakably charging ahead, all guns blazing, to aid brands in surmounting challenges and soaring to new heights. So, brands, gear up! With Sam in the cockpit, the flight through the digital analytics universe promises to be nothing short of spectacular!