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Keyko Partners with Smith Agency for Bold Web3 Rebranding and Expansion

Swiss Web3 firm, Keyko, taps into Smith's branding prowess as it aims for a bigger slice of the enterprise pie in the blockchain sector.

Keyko & Smith

Swiss innovation at its finest: Keyko, a leading Web3 and blockchain engineering powerhouse based in Switzerland, is now aligning forces with the esteemed strategic and creative brand agency, Smith, headquartered in Leeds and Huddersfield.

In the rapidly evolving world of Web3 and blockchain, Keyko stands out by birthing groundbreaking technologies and products. With an eye on the future, Keyko is now setting its sights on a new horizon – courting enterprise-grade clientele within the realms of banking, finance, and insurance.

Behind the curtains of Keyko is a senior management brigade, boasting an impressive legacy of steering global institutions at the management echelons.

Enter Smith. Tasked with the ambitious mission of rebranding Keyko and sculpting a fresh website, Smith aims to bolster Keyko's sales initiatives, while also keeping an eye on the burgeoning Web3 landscape and the enticing allure of mammoth enterprise clients.

Smith's creative director, Oli Smith, shares his enthusiasm, "It's invigorating to collaborate with a brand like Keyko. Their portfolio is studded with impressive collaborations, and their endeavors in the Web3 sector are truly path-breaking. With stalwarts like Paul at the helm, we're eager to craft this transformative phase for Keyko."

Echoing the sentiment, Paul Mason, the dynamic CEO of Keyko, chimed in: "Smith's acumen in demystifying intricate branding challenges is commendable. We're on tenterhooks to commence this journey of rebranding Keyko, as we gear up for our forthcoming epoch."