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Kickstarter Imposes Extra Disclosure Requirements for Generative AI Projects

To ensure transparency, Kickstarter requires generative AI projects to disclose additional details. The crowdfunding platform's policy aims to tackle debates around credit and consent in AI-generated content.

Kickstarter Imposes Disclosure Policy for AI Projects

As generative AI gains popularity, Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform, has been grappling with devising a policy that satisfies all stakeholders in the debate. Generative AI tools like Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT, often used to create art and text, draw from public images and text from the web, frequently without crediting or compensating the original creators.

Kickstarter, in a bid to bring clarity, has announced that projects using AI tools to generate images, text, or other outputs will now need to disclose "relevant details" on their project pages. This includes information about how the AI content will be used, which components are original, and which are AI-generated.

Additionally, projects developing AI technology, tools, or software must provide information about the sources of training data they intend to use. The project owner should also indicate how these sources handle consent and credit processes and put in place "safeguards" like opt-out or opt-in mechanisms for content creators.

Despite the move towards transparency, Kickstarter's training data disclosure rule may cause controversy. The policy comes into effect on August 29, but it will not be retroactively enforced for projects submitted before this date.

To ensure compliance, Kickstarter will require project submissions to answer a new set of questions about their use of AI. Projects accepted after this scrutiny will feature an added "Use of AI" section on the project page, labeling any AI components.

This policy change came after Kickstarter banned Unstable Diffusion, a group attempting to fund an AI art project without safety filters. This move highlighted the challenges in moderating AI works. Kickstarter aims to foster transparency in the use of AI, believing it builds trust and sets the project up for success.