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KitKat's Iconic Slogan Takes Center Stage in Stripped-Back Campaign

KitKat's iconic tagline "Have a break" takes centre stage in new stripped-back campaign with creative agency Wunderman Thompson.

Have a break" tagline on a photo of a person taking a break.

In the latest campaign, KitKat and Wunderman Thompson wanted to showcase how recognizable the tagline is by using only the first five letters in the creative ("Have a..."). The campaign features images of the tagline overlaid on photos of people taking a break, with the rest of the message left up to the viewer's imagination.

Wunderman Thompson UK executive creative director Tom Drew stated, "Ten years from the first half-finished billboard, the KitKat slogan is stronger than ever. Even though we're depicting the copywriter having a break, we certainly won't be taking one ourselves – even after 66 years, there are still so many stories we can tell for our brilliant KitKat clients."

A survey conducted by Wunderman Thompson found that well over half of respondents could name not only the brand, but also the full message. KitKat senior brand manager Stephanie Scales added, "KitKat has famously encouraged people to have a break for decades, and this poster took that one step further, encouraging people to have a break without explicitly saying it. All it takes is five letters to communicate one legendary message."