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Kodak's Long-Awaited Super 8 Film Camera Set for Release

Explore Kodak's Super 8 Film Camera—a vintage-inspired marvel with modern perks. Discover its $5,495 price tag, ushering in a new era of nostalgic filming!

Kodak's Super 8 Film Camera: Reviving Vintage Glamour with a Modern Price Tag

After an enduring wait since its announcement at CES 2016, Kodak is finally set to launch its Super 8 film camera. The product page, now adorned with a "sign up to buy" button, signals the imminent release. Vanessa Bendetti, Kodak's global managing director for motion picture, anticipates its limited US launch on December 4th, followed by availability in Canada, the UK, and European markets.

However, anticipation might give way to sticker shock. The Super 8 camera boasts a hefty price tag of $5,495, a substantial leap from Kodak's initial price projections. Initially aiming for a range between $400 and $750, the company pivoted by 2018, hinting at prices between $2,500 and $3,000.

This price point indeed positions the camera as a niche luxury, especially considering the relative affordability of vintage Super 8 cameras. Yet, beneath the intimidating cost lies a blend of retro charm and contemporary functionality. Despite its film-centric nature, the camera integrates modern features like a four-inch LCD viewfinder, audio recording via microSD card, and a Micro HDMI output for external monitor connectivity.

However, one peculiar catch amidst these modernizations is the camera's charging port, sticking with the Micro USB standard—a curious choice in the age of evolving charging technologies.

For those undeterred by the allure of shooting on film and the substantial investment, Kodak offers interested parties a chance to register via a reservation form. A cautionary note, though: a single $35 Super 8 film cartridge grants approximately two and a half minutes of 24fps footage, urging filmmakers to meticulously choose their shots.

Kodak's Super 8 film camera presents a fusion of nostalgia and contemporary enhancements, albeit at a price point that's more exclusive than expansive.