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Legacy Version of TweetDeck Makes a Comeback with Working API

TweetDeck’s previous version has resurfaced with a working legacy API, offering beloved features absent in the platform's latest version.

Legacy Version of TweetDeck Makes a Comeback with Working API

Twitter's previous version of TweetDeck, the list aggregator, is back, albeit possibly for a limited period. Twitter had recently migrated users to a "new" TweetDeck version after a limitation on tweet viewing broke the older version. However, users found the new iteration lacking in features, deeming it a downgrade.

TweetDeck’s Old

The return of the older TweetDeck version was noticed by users without any official announcement from Twitter, Elon Musk, or Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino. Furthermore, developers such as Roberto Doering, creator of Harpy, noted the reactivation of Twitter's legacy API, enabling their third-party clients to function again. It remains uncertain how long this will last, as Twitter might likely shut down access to the legacy API soon, with third-party apps still violating their terms of service.

Following the enforced migration to the new TweetDeck, Twitter stated that users would need to be verified for continued access to the tool, implying that most people will need a Twitter Blue subscription.